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Friday, 29 October 2010

Boycott Arsenal

Disediakan oleh: WAN MUHAMMAD FAIZ wan hassan

Arsenal Football Club has just signed (26th February) a sponsorship deal to promote Israel as a tourist destination.

The £350,000 agreement makes Israel Arsenal's "official and exclusive travel destination." Israel will be featured on digital perimeter boards and 450 high-definition LCD screens at the stadium on game days.The tourism ministry will also have access to the club's official website, database and magazine to promote Israel as a holiday destination 
The televised ads will reach audiences of up to 700 million in an estimated 198 countries. The Israeli Tourism Ministry will also receive intellectual property rights, the use of the team logo and the right to use photos of the team and its players in ads. For an additional fee, Arsenal players will also appear in the ads.

The deal doesn't stop with promoting Israel but actually grants Israel a physical presence in the stadium. The Israeli Tourism Ministry can use the stadium's banquet hall twice a year and can organize an exhibition at the end of the playing season.The stadium will also feature permanent sales tables for t-shirts.The two-year sponsorship deal begins at the start of next football season in six months' time.

Tourism Minister Avraham Hirschson and Arsenal's Keith Edelman
at a press conference at the David Intercontinental hotel in Tel Aviv

With the world boycotting Israel as a tourist destination Israeli tourism minister Abraham Hirchson admitted employing Ernst & Young financial advisers to help develop a new strategy to entice people to Israel. He estimated that the sponsorship deal will bring in an additional 2 million tourist to Israel annually.

Arsenal's managing director, Keith Edelman at a press conference in Israel explained how Arsenal could help sell apartheid Israel: "We are the largest club in London and have 30 million fans around the world. We are in the forefront of the anti-racism campaign in England and have an excellent brand that can promote any product... we will assist Israel become a more popular destination". He also promised "when we find the time, club representatives and players will come to visit Israel,".

A grieving father Hussein Maqanen holds a poster of his two sons killed by the Israelis. 
Ibrahim was aged 14, and Adel was aged 17. Adel was killed whilst laying football. Israeli 
snipers targeted him from inside a military bunker on a hill overlooking the patch 
of dirt which was his football field near Khan Younis.

The Jerusalem Post has hinted that Arsenal's chief shareholder, Danny Fiszman, vice chairman David Dein and managing director Edelman have used their Jewish backgrounds to steer the club towards Israeli causes including setting up football academies in Israel at a time when when Palestinian children are routinely targeted by israeli snipers whilst they play football.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz confirmed this, quoting Uzi Gafni, a director of the Israeli Tourism ministry on the Arsenal deal as saying "I knew I needed someone with ties to Judaism, Edelman may not go to synagogue every Friday, but there are warm Jews at Arsenal who wanted to give something to Israel.".

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